Who Doesn’t Love a Treasure Hunt? Geocaching Adventure Part One

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Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? The thrill of discovering “clues,” sometimes involving a riddle, or simply following a map to the “buried treasure.” However you define it, a “treasure hunt” can be a lot of fun, and a great way to get out and move your body while enjoying time away from your day-to-day grind.   Want to learn more about Geocaching?  Read this post.

"Cache | www.stephsneckofthewoods.com"Our family discovered Geocaching around 2002, back before we all had smart phones with us daily. The Geocaching website was not what is today. Not as many features or interactive maps, just a simple map, and GPS coordinates with a few clues or a riddle to find the cache.
We did not own a GPS unit but instead, borrowed one from a realtor friend.

So, we set out on one of our early Geocaching adventures.  Back in the early days of caching, we did not always find what we were looking for.  Sometimes, the coordinates were inaccurate.  Other times, fellow “treasure hunters” were not always careful and did not place the cache back in the exact location after their find. Other times, “muggles” would find the cache and removed it altogether.  It was a bit frustrating at times.

But as with any good treasure hunt, don’t give up – try and try again.  Over the years the site improved, Geocachers became more and more common and they seem to be more careful with their finds.

On this particular day, we set out with our info paper and GPS in hand, and began our walk down the trail of a state park in our area.

We never want to spoil the fun for others by revealing too many details about any particular Geocache.  For this post though, we will show you the info page we used to download to carry with us.  I don’t know if this one is still active so let this serve as a spoiler alert, just in case.

"Cache | www.stephsneckofthewoods.com"

Now-a-days, you will most likely use your smartphone or similar device that will have the information, an interactive map with clues etc. for the Geocache, as well as near by Geocaches.

Screenshot Geocaching | www.stephsneckofthewoods.com"

On this particular day, we found our “treasure”. And as was customary when we Goecached with the kids, we took a picture of them with it

Interested in seeing more of our Geocachings/Letterboxing adventures?  Click on the “Geocaching/Letterboxing” tag on the right side of the page.  Join in on the fun! 

"Geocaching | www.stephsneckofthewoods.com"Get started Geocaching by clicking HERE, which will take you to our page.  It is free to get started.  There is a premium option with more features, for those who are interested in that option. 

I am in no way affiliated with Geocaching/Letterboxing.  I am simply a cache enthusiast and would love for you to join in on the fun!

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