Use Your Hand-held Device to Keep You Moving

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Electronic hand-held devices (aka smartphones, iPads, tablets etc.) – most of us have at least one.  They make our lives easier. Or at least that is what “they” tell us. However you feel about them, if you own one (or five), put them to use in a healthy way.

There are some wonderful apps out there to track EVERYTHING including food you take in, and what comes out.  No, really!  Go look and you’ll see there are many to choose from that track just that. 

What else can be done with them?  While I don’t recommend using them outside while walking, as your attention may not be on your surroundings, they are great to use in the house when walking around.

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I can rack up MANY steps just walking around the house with my hand-held device. Check my highest Fitbit badge. That was achieve while walking in the house.

There are some fun games out there!  Check your app store!  Why not try a game that requires you to revisit it often?  In the past, I have played Farmville, the Simpsons Tapped Out, Plants vs. Zombies, etc. 

In fact, I think its definitely time to take a look and find a new game.  Remember, don’t play unless you are walking around.  Try it for a week and share your results.

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