The Day We Met Johnny Depp … sort of

Wax Johnny1 |"

It was a warm day back in October of 2007, my birthday in fact.  My Hubby, daughter with her friend, youngest son, and I, all took a trip to Washington, DC. A new attraction had opened, and we had discount tickets for that day only.

As usual when we visit D.C, we parked just inside the Beltway and took the Metro into the city.  If you have never visited D.C before, I recommend taking at least a full day to walk about and explore.  Wear comfortable walking shoes as the Metro is the best way to get around.

After leaving the Metro station we had a bit of a walk to our location.  It was a beautiful day but was quickly getting hot and humid.  Once we arrived, we joined others in line, who had come for the opening. 

MTWM DC Interview |"

It took a bit of time in line, but there were some interesting people to talk to and a reporter, of sorts, that interviewed my Hubby about the opening.  He took a comic approach to his questions and not all were appropriate around the kids, IMO.

After standing in line for what seemed like hours in the bright sun, with sweat running down our backs, we entered the building.

MTW Marquee |"

We began to look around, and we were permitted to take pictures, which we love to do anytime we are out exploring.

Shortly after arriving, we approached Johnny.  He was graciously allowing pictures to be taken, so we patiently waited our turn.  And although I was hot, sweaty and do not really like having my picture taken, I allowed Hubby to take one. It was Johnny after all!

Wax Johnny1 |"

I posted the picture on Facebook the next day, and many friends asked where and when I got to meet Johnny Depp.   Truth be told, it WAS Johnny … sort of.  A wax figure of Johnny anyway. 

Have you ever visited a Madam Tussauds Wax Museum?  This was not our first wax museum but was our first Tussauds.  It was a fun place to visit, but I was surprised that many of the figures didn’t seem to really look much like the stars.  But then again, I have not met them in person, so maybe they do. 

Was it worth the $8.00 (If memory serves) fee that we paid?  Yes.  The normal fee which is much higher … maybe not.

Here are a few cute pictures we took at the museum.

What are your thoughts about visiting a wax museum? Would you? Have you?

Truth be told, I enjoyed seeing the historical figures most of all. True to form? No idea, but it was fun seeing them in “person” vs. only on the pages of history books.

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