Keep Avocados on Hand by Freezing Them

Want a super simple way to have avocado anytime you want them?

I tend to purchase avocados in bulk, but unfortunately, they all tend to ripen at the same time. While I do love them, I can’t seem to eat them fast enough.

So, what do I do now?  I still buy them in bulk, when possible, and then wait until the avocado starts to soften but are not mushy when pushed in on.  Then I peel and slice them. Sometimes I dip them in lemon juice, sometimes not. Then, I place them single layered in a zip lock freezer bag, and label the bag with the date. Continue reading “Keep Avocados on Hand by Freezing Them”

Regrow Veggies and Never Be Without

"Veggies |"

Have you ever gone to the fridge for veggies, just to discover that your produce has gone bad or that you are out altogether?

No room for a garden of your own?  These veggies can easily be regrown in your kitchen.  Save money and know that you have fresh, organic vegetables available anytime you need them. Delicious and sustainable!

There are many vegetables that can be regrown.  Here are a few I have personally had success with.  Give it a try and get the kids involved, for a fun and educational project. Continue reading “Regrow Veggies and Never Be Without”

Starting Seeds Indoors – How I do it by Modifying a Simple Basement Storage Shelf

"Seed Starting 01 |"Starting seeds indoors is a great way to get a head start on gardening for the spring (or anytime, for that matter).  And it is the way I choose to start my garden each spring. 

We do have cats in the home though, and I needed to find a safe way to do this. 

We have no windowsills with sun exposure sufficient enough for sprouting, and to leave them out on a counter would (1) not provide enough light for them grow, and (2) not last long enough to reach a size to be transplanted into the outdoor garden. My cats would surely see to that!

So, what to do?  I have an unfinished basement that is mostly used for storage.  My son and I built several simple storage shelves to hold totes several years ago. Continue reading “Starting Seeds Indoors – How I do it by Modifying a Simple Basement Storage Shelf”

How to Cook Perfect Bacon

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Lately, I have seen many methods for cooking bacon.  And although the end result of each method is good yummy bacon, many use fancy air fryers, messy skillets or other equipment that not all of us have. Here is how I prepare perfect bacon, with less mess.

Rectangular cookie sheet
Aluminum Foil, long enough to cover the entire sheet (optional)
Sliced Bacon
Plate with Paper Towels

That’s it!  I choose to use aluminum foil for super easy cleanup.  This is not a necessity as I understand that the health effects of foil are questionable.

Ok, enough of that … on to getting that bacon cooked! Continue reading “How to Cook Perfect Bacon”