Quick and Simple Decluttering Tip – Turn your Hangers

Many of us need to declutter and organize our homes and belongings.  This is an ongoing project for me.  I choose an area to declutter and get busy deciding what items to keep, and what items I am ready to let go of, (trash, donate or sell).

This decluttering project is a quick one, even if you have a huge closet with lots of hanging items.  Not a lot of time? Do just one hanging section for now.

Organizing Tip: Always declutter first (before trying to organize), so you are not simply rearranging stuff you have kept for far too long. Continue reading “Quick and Simple Decluttering Tip – Turn your Hangers”

Cleaning Out that Kitchen Junk Drawer

Junk drawers … most of us have at least one.  I have usually had a kitchen “junk drawer” with odds and ends that I SWEAR I will keep organized, with only the essentials that are needed.  Yeah, well …

"Kitchen Junk Drawer 01 | www.stephsneckofthewoods.com"

I am not the sole person responsible for the junk, I assure you.  Other family members tend to use this drawer as a “shove-all” space.   I tend to use it as a “current project” space. 

If we are doing a repair on the sink, reversed osmosis spout (which seems to need constant repair in my household) or some similar project, I tend to keep the tools, caulk, adhesive, putty knife, cutting blade, etc. handy, and in that drawer.  But then, it stays, long after the project is complete.  Guilty! Continue reading “Cleaning Out that Kitchen Junk Drawer”