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Too hot to walk outside? Too cold? Maybe you simply don’t feel safe out walking alone. Or, as at the time of the writing this post, you are locked down at home due to a global virus.

Whatever the case, how about hopping on the treadmill (or step and dance in place) and binge-watching a new series? 

While training for a Fitbit challenge a few years back, I did just that.  It is amazing how quickly those steps add up when you are focusing on a show.  Here’s the catch though – make a deal with yourself to not watch any of the episodes/movies unless you are walking.

Here are some that I have watched.
Television Series:

A Discovery of WitchesGrimmThe Big Bang Theory
Beauty and the Beast 1987John AdamsThe Blacklist
Big LoveLostThe Fosters
Call the MidwifeLuciferThe Handmaid’s Tale
CastleMillenniumThe Man in the High Castle
FriendsMirandaThe Tudors
Game of ThronesOutlanderThe Walking Dead
Ghost WhispererSmallvilleX-files
Gilmore GirlsStart Trek
(various series)
Virgin River

Movie Series:

Alien SeriesStar Trek Series
Harry Potter SeriesThe Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies
Jurassic Park SeriesTwilight Series
Lord of the Rings TrilogyUnderworld Series

So many choices!  I’d love to hear about your favorite TV or movie series.

What is the best way to track all those steps?  I LOVE the fitbit!  Here is the one I use, called the INSPIRE.

I don’t wear it on my wrist though.  Instead I use a clip and attach it to the inside my pants pocket, it rests on my upper leg and works well for tracking steps.  Here are the clips I use for my fitbit.

Want more movement tips?  Visit here to see more tips.

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