Stop Mindless Snacking with this Simple Tip

If you have a challenge with snacking, shortly after a meal, try this trick. 

"Brush Your Teeth - Dental |"Brush your Teeth

I am one of the many who find themselves snacking shortly (within 30 minutes) after a meal.  But why?  

Sometimes boredom, other times the “fullness” of the meal has passed, and I feel it is time for something sweet.  Yes, unfortunately, the snacks are rarely healthy.

How have I put a stop to this … for the most part?  I brush my teeth after eating.

Simple as that!

I used to use chewing gum, but my teeth were showing the effects of constant gum chewing, so brushing seemed like a better alternative.  I still chew gum from time to time, but not regularly, and only when I am out and can’t brush.

In my mind, after brushing, the meal is over, my mouth is clean, and it is time to move on to something else.

Try it, each and every time you eat. This simple trick may work for you as well!  My dental hygienist has had no complaints. My checkups have been great. 

"Brush |"Mindless Snacking

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