Stay Hydrated: Another Way to Keep you Moving Throughout the Day

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"Water Glass |"We all know that we need to stay hydrated.  Some people don’t like water and choose other beverages.  I, myself LOVE water.  Pure, fresh, reversed osmosis water, and a lot of it per day.  I prefer to drink from glass, and this is my favorite bottle.  I have multiple.  

Whatever beverage you choose, be sure to hydrate often and be sure you are getting enough fluids.

On the plus side, hydrating well = more bathroom breaks = the need to get up and move! What a simple way to sneak in more steps every day!

Here are a few resources for you:
     Calculate your daily needed water intake (calculator)

     What should my urine look like? (source)

     Dehydration (source)

What is your favorite way to stay hydrated?


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