Games Gorillas Play

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Title: Games Gorillas Play
Author: Kathy Darling with Debbie Freed
Zoo pictures by: Brian Ray and Angelo Calcaterra
Category:  Non-fiction
Genre: Children‚Äôs
Details: Hardcover, 39 pages
ISBN: 0-8116-4302-6

How did I get this book: I purchased the book at a yard sale

Overview: This story is about 2 young gorillas, Mopie and Hondari, who grew up in the Bronx Zoo, and how they play with their human friend, Debbie.  The book shows various activities and modes of play.

Likes: I like that the pictures in the book show each game that the gorillas played.  It was written very simply, obviously for children.  Any book about gorillas is a plus for me  Have I mentioned that I absolutely love gorillas?! Read more