Why Don’t Gorillas Lay Eggs? by Katherine Smith

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"WhyDontGorillasLayEggs | www.stephsneckofthewoods.com"
Published: 2004

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Title: Why Don’t Gorillas Lay Eggs?
Author: Katherine Smith
               Consultant: Nicola Davies
Category:  Non-Fiction
Genre: Children’s
Details: Hardcover, 32 pages
ISBN: 1-57768-949-6
How did I get this book:
 I purchased the book from a yard sale

Overview: (From the back cover) Do you know why gorillas don’t have long tails? Do you know why they eat vegetarian instead of hamburgers? Why Don’t Gorillas Lay Eggs? explores these questions and many more. The fantastic illustrations and the easy-to-understand text reveal how the characteristics and behaviors of gorillas allow them to survive in their unique environment.
I love gorillas! This book has gorgeous, full-color pictures with interesting questions and answers about these wonderful creatures.

Dislikes: No dislikes about this book.

In Closing: I look forward to sharing this book with my grandchildren and sharing my love of gorillas with them.  With the beautiful pictures and interesting facts, it is perfect to share with your little one, or for kids to read alone.


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