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Title: The Sacred Sisterhood of Wonderful Wacky Women
Author: Suzy Toronto
Genre: Motivational Self Help
Details: Hardcover, 103 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9774956-0-3
How did I get this book: This book was given to me in 2010, by a dear friend

Overview: (from the inside cover) OK, I give up! I finally caved into the pressure from hundreds of women and wrote a book called “The Sacred Sisterhood of Wonderful Wacky Women”. When I developed my first few wacky characters, I never dreamed it would blossom into the success it is today. I believe the appeal of my work comes from the fact that the images and stories are all based on real women. I have been blessed by an abundance of ordinary women who have accomplished extraordinary things. It’s about these unrecognized feats of quiet, female heroism that I write. It’s the best subject matter on the planet. I had a ton of fun pulling this together. I truly hope you enjoy it.

Likes: Suzy Toronto has a wonderful style and I was thrilled to be given this sweet book.  I accepted it and to be honest, it sat on my shelf for a few years.  It was during a rough time that I pulled it out and began reading.  Each chapter has a wonderful image from Suzy, a few pages with a true story about a woman behind each image, and a recipe.  Each story was well written, and you get a clear picture of what each person meant to Suzy.

Dislikes:  There was nothing about this book that I disliked.

In Closing: This would be a perfect gift for a dear friend of yours.  Suzy has many other wonderful items out there (ex. coffee cups, plaques, etc.), in this same Wacky Woman style. Her story of why her images for this series have no faces is wonderful!  I am lucky to have been given a few of her items as gifts, and they mean a lot to me.  Why not look her up and see for yourself?



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