Meditations through the year: Nature’s Cycle of the Seasons in Guided Visualizations

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Title: Meditations through the year: Nature’s Cycle of the Seasons in Guided Visualizations
Author: Dorothea Breitzter-Kings
Genre: Meditation/Motivation 
Details: Hardcover, 89 pages
How did I get this book: I purchased this book many years ago from a local bookstore

Overview: (from inside cover) In former times, when life was slower and more obviously dependent on our natural environment, we found it easier to live in touch with nature’s cycles.  Daily activities were closely tied in with the cycle of the seasons.

Today’s modern comforts shelter us from the extremes of seasonal conditions.  Many of us, particularly city-dwellers, live in an unnatural environment.  Yet we can all discover a new attunement to nature, rediscover its rhythms, and achieve a new understanding of the rhythms within us.

Through a series of twelve guided meditations, this book promotes a new awareness of nature and our place in the natural world.

Likes: I love guided meditations.  Good guided meditations, that is. (I have experienced many bad ones.)  As you read (or listen) to the words, you can easily visualize and slip into the scene it speaks of.  This book has a meditation for each month, as well as 2 relaxation exercises, an introduction and a “before you start” section.  It does not contain pages and pages of explanations, but just enough to help you jump into guided meditations and explore what they can do for you.

Dislikes: There is nothing about this book that I dislike.

In Closing: If you have ever thought about giving guided meditation a try, pick up this cute little book.  It is simple to get started and follow, and you might find a love for guided meditation the way I have.

Here is a little trick, try recording yourself, or have someone who you enjoy listening to record it, reading each of the guided meditations.  That way, you can pop on some headphones, close your eyes and enjoy them in a whole new way.



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