Keto Gatherings: Festive Low-Carb Recipes for Every Occasion by Kristie H. Sullivan, PhD 

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Title: Keto Gatherings 
             Festive Low-Carb Recipes for Every Occasion 
Author: Kristie H. Sullivan, PhD 
Category:  Non-fiction
Genre: Cookbook
Details:  Softcover with 368 pages.
ISBN: 978-1-628603-49-1
How Did I Acquire This Book: I purchased this book from Amazon in January 2019
      Purchase Price was $20.80 (on sale)

Overview: Keto Gatherings starts with an introduction and a few pages from the author titled, “My Food is a Love Story”.  Then you will find an Ingredients Guide, Alternative Ingredients for Low Carb Baking, Sweeteners and Flavorings, Making Substitutions, Tips and Tricks for those Baking with Trepidation, Cooking Tools and Equipment, Guide to Using Recipes and Nutritional Information.

Kristie provides lots of information under each section listed above, perfect for the new and experienced low-carb baker.  She explains it all!  Note: pay attention to the ingredients guide.  Kristie uses some ingredients that might not be in your pantry if you are not an experienced low-carb baker.

The book is arranged by month, with recipes that work well for events taking place at that time of year.  She has a page or so describing each month, some of which include a family story and/or memory, in relation to that month.

She includes many family pictures and describes some of her family’s traditions.  At the end of the book is a recipe index with pictures (which I love) as well as a general index.

First Impressions: I have enjoyed following Kristie’s journey and have tried some of her recipes from her YouTube channel.  I was excited to get this book as I already owned her two other books.  When it arrived, I noticed it is laid out by month, showing items you might make for that time of year.  As I thumbed through, I was unsure how much I’d actually use the book overall.  The info section is great, but the first few recipes I saw were not something I would ever cook, so after browsing, I placed it on the shelf.  As time went on though, I have referred to this book more and more and have enjoyed many of the recipes.

Overall Likes: The book has a nice layout and tons of good information and some yummy recipes.  Her stories are enjoyable without going on too long and her pictures are lovely.  Her recipes are easy to follow, with everything laid out well and with full descriptions.

Overall Dislikes: There are many recipes that I know I’ll never make, and to be perfectly honest, since I’m picky, that would be true for any recipe book. 

In Closing: I am enjoying the book, which has earned it a place on my bookshelf for many years to come.       



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