Regrow Veggies and Never Be Without

"Veggies |"

Have you ever gone to the fridge for veggies, just to discover that your produce has gone bad or that you are out altogether?

No room for a garden of your own?  These veggies can easily be regrown in your kitchen.  Save money and know that you have fresh, organic vegetables available anytime you need them. Delicious and sustainable!

There are many vegetables that can be regrown.  Here are a few I have personally had success with.  Give it a try and get the kids involved, for a fun and educational project.

Re-growing vegetables can be simple:

"Avocado Pit |"Avocado
Avocado seeds can be used to grow a steady supply of this superfood. But have some patience.  Wash the seed and use toothpicks to suspend it over water in a jar. The water should high enough to cover the bottom inch of the seed. Keep the container in a warm place, in a windowsill or on top of the refrigerator, but not in direct sunlight.  Remember to check the water every day and add more as needed.

It can take up to six weeks for the stem and roots to appear.  Once the stem reaches about 6 inches you will need to cut it back down to 3 inches. When leaves begin appearing, plant the seed in soil, remembering to leave about half of it above ground.

"Celery |"Celery
Cut off the celery stalks, leaving about an inch or two at the base. Place the base in a bowl of water and leave it where it can get adequate sunlight, or, place it on top of the refrigerator.  As new leaves begin to sprout from the middle, allow it to thicken for about a week, before transferring it into a pot of soil.

"Garlic |"Garlic
Garlic is easy to grow and can be done from just one clove. When you buy garlic, pull off one single clove and plant it with the roots facing down in potting soil. Garlic likes plenty of direct sunlight so in warmer weather, keep it outdoors in the sun during the day.

Once you notice shoots have established, cut the shoots back and your plant will produce a bulb. You can take part of this new bulb and plant again.

Ginger Root
Ginger root is easy to grow and once you get started, you can keep your supply of ginger full. Plant a spare piece of your ginger root in potting soil, making sure that the buds are facing up. You will notice new shoots and roots in about a week or so.  Once this happens, you can pull it up and use it again. Remember to save a piece of the rhizome so that you can replant it and grow more for the next time you need it.

Green Onions
Green onions are one of the easiest and most popular vegetables to regrow. Cut them about an inch from the roots, then place them in a glass of water.  Change the water out every few days and the green will continue to grow. Just snip what you need and allow it to grow as long as you like.

Onions are very easy to grow indoors or out. Just cut the root of the onion off and make sure you leave about a half an inch of onion when you do. Cover lightly with potting soil and keep in a sunny area.

Just leave your spud in a dark corner, forget about it, and it’ll just sprout. Haven’t we all done that without meaning to?  There’s a quicker and healthier way to do it though. Cut a potato in half. Look for the dented “eyes” on the skin.  Plant the potato in soil with the “eyes” facing up. That’s where the plant will begin to sprout in a couple of weeks.

"Romaine Lettuce |"

Romaine Lettuce
Romaine lettuce is as easy to regrow as celery! Leave the stump of the lettuce in a bowl and fill with water, halfway. And once the leaves have regrown for a few days, transfer the stumps into soil.  I usually wait until I see little fibers (roots) start to form.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are super easy, but you will need some serious space to grow them.  it’s probably not suitable for an apartment.

Stick toothpicks around a sweet potato to prop it up at the rim of a glass, only half-emerging it in water. When the roots reach about three to four inches, plant it in soil.

Be sure to visit Some of My Favorite Things page to see what accessories I use to regrow veggies.

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