Recipe Review: Cream-Filled Crepe with Blueberry Sauce from Keto Gatherings by Kristie H. Sullivan, PhD

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Breakfast in our household usually consists of something quick that I have premade and frozen, or maybe a muffin, a quick batch of eggs, or a meal bar/shake. It is fun to occasionally make something a little more elaborate though. So, I chose one of Kristie Sullivan’s keto/low carb recipes and asked my family for a review.

Kristie H. Sullivan’s Keto Gatherings Cookbook, pg. 136-137
12 crepes (3 per serving)
6.6 g net carbs per serving

I followed the recipe as written, substituting frozen blueberries for fresh, and very low carb cream cheese to keep the carb count similar to what was listed in the book.

My Thoughts:

Liked: I already had all the ingredients on hand so no special shopping trip was needed. The recipe was easy to follow and my end result was very similar to the picture in the book.  As we know, that is not always the case when following a recipe.

Disliked: Nothing about this recipe warranted a dislike. 

Overall Results: Although this is a more time-consuming recipe than I would make on a regular basis, it is perfect for an occasional special breakfast.  Kristie chose well to place it in the Mother’s Day section of her cookbook. (hint, hint family)

Changes I will make:  No changes except for using frozen blueberries when I don’t have fresh available, although I might try it with strawberries next time.

The Reviews (Hubby and Adult Son):

Hubby: Sweet but not too sweet
     overall rated a 7-8  (1-10 scale)

Texture:  Just like conventional crepes
Filling: Sweet but not sickening – perfect

Notes: Berries were tart, which were perfect with the crepes

Son: Taste was sweet enough
overall a 7-8 (1-10 scale)

Texture: just like thin pancakes.
He had never tried crepes before and likes these better than conventional pancakes.

He loved the filling and berries and imagines all the various things that can be done with this recipe.  Various types of berries, chocolate, etc.

Preparation Pictures:

Cream-Filled Crepe with Blueberry Sauce

To sum up this recipe review, my family wants more crepes, and I’d love breakfast in bed 🙂 Give this recipe a try! You won’t be disappointed. It is a perfect addition to your keto/low carb food plan.

A snippet of my review of the cookbook Keto Gatherings:  The book is arranged by month, with recipes that work well for events taking place at that time of year.  She has a page or so describing each month, some of which include a family story and/or memory, in relation to that month.  Read my full review on the “My bookshelf” section of the blog or click here.

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