Quick and Simple Decluttering Tip – Turn your Hangers

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Many of us need to declutter and organize our homes and belongings.  This is an ongoing project for me.  I choose an area to declutter and get busy deciding what items to keep, and what items I am ready to let go of, (trash, donate or sell).

This decluttering project is a quick one, even if you have a huge closet with lots of hanging items.  Not a lot of time? Do just one hanging section for now.

Organizing Tip: Always declutter first (before trying to organize), so you are not simply rearranging stuff you have kept for far too long.

5 Super simple steps:

  1. Touch each item
  2. Decide what to keep, donate, sell, or throw away
  3. Turn hangers
  4. Take care of items that are not being kept
  5. Mark the decided upon “get rid of what is not worn” date on your calendar

Do a quick run through and touch each item, pulling out anything that you KNOW you need to get rid of.  Throw on the floor for now or for those with an aversion to throwing anything on the floor, grab a donation box, a container for sale items and a trash bag.

Move through them quickly and don’t think too hard on each item. If you stand wavering over a particular piece, just keep it. This method will show you if you actually wear it or not.

Now focusing only on the items left hanging (the keeps), turn those hangers around.  Why do this you ask?  Well, to see what you actually wear and not just what you THINK you wear.  

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Hubby’s shirts

As you wear or use an item, take it off the hanger, Then either remove the empty hanger (my choice), turn it around and hang normally or leave it hanging backward (my Hubby’s choice). [The Husband Edit: That’s because, in our home, Steph and Son do most of the laundry, and they come through and pull out the empty hangers every couple of days.]

The next time that item is hung back up, hang it on a hanger facing the correct way.  That is a keeper … for now.

Give yourself a time frame, one season, 6 months, or a year (as examples).  After that, anything left on a backward hanger goes!  Throw it away, donate or sell it.  And the best part, no need to wait until the beginning of the year or spring cleaning time to do this. Choose today!

Super easy and simple way to declutter your hanging closet!

Don’t forget to deal with the items you threw on the floor or put in baskets.  In my opinion, the easiest thing is to simply put all donation items in a large garbage bag and drop off the bag for donation the next time you go out. 

TIP:  Do this NOW. Put the bag in your car so you don’t forget to take it away. And take all those old and worn out items right to the trash bin.

Now, go turn those hangers! And don’t forget to mark your calendar to check back and get rid of unworn clothing.

Let me know how this works for you!

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