Phone Calls, Facetime and Chats. How Can These Keep You Moving?

VideoCallGrandbaby |"

Ready for another movement tip?

"Mobile Chat |" Phone calls, Face Time, etc. … is a great way to connect and stay in touch with loved ones and friends, especially during this time!

Sometimes I can get a bit chatty, I’ll admit it.  Why not take advantage and grab your cordless/mobile phone/ipad and walk around while you chat?  

As of the posting of this tip, many people are working from home. Why not take that conference call on the move?  Take advantage, get up and get some steps. Get that blood circulating!

You’ll be amazed how many steps you can accumulate while talking.  Trust me, I’ve tested it. 😊

VideoCallGrandbaby |"

This is one of my grandbabies. She loves to “chat” with us. 😊😊

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