Keep Avocados on Hand by Freezing Them

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Want a super simple way to have avocado anytime you want them?

I tend to purchase avocados in bulk, but unfortunately, they all tend to ripen at the same time. While I do love them, I can’t seem to eat them fast enough.

So, what do I do now?  I still buy them in bulk, when possible, and then wait until the avocado starts to soften but are not mushy when pushed in on.  Then I peel and slice them. Sometimes I dip them in lemon juice, sometimes not. Then, I place them single layered in a zip lock freezer bag, and label the bag with the date.

When ready for a slice or two, I remove the amount I want from the freezer bag and allow them to thaw for approx. 15-30 minutes, depending upon the temp in the house.

This method is also perfect for adding extra good fats into your smoothies. No need to defrost.  Just pop the frozen slice(s) into the blender with your other items and make the perfect smoothie.

What about baby/toddler food?  My grandbaby loves avocado and we use this same method for her.  Perfect every time.

Give this a try and never waste your avocados again.

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