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🔨 I LOVE to see what others create.  Talent, styles and skill levels vary from person to person.  Where do I consider myself?  Definitely a beginner in some areas, dabbler in others, and a work in progress overall. 😉
In the past, I have been one of those people that plan a project in detail, even purchasing most of what is needed.  But many times, I would not complete the project.  Why?  Laziness?  Maybe a bit.  But mostly, from lack of confidence.  If it is not “professional looking”, then why bother.
Well, what is “professional looking” anyway???  “Professional” is subjective, depending upon individual taste and style.  My style (if you can call it that) is eclectic. 

So, DIY it is.  Here are a few of my projects 🙂

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🌱 Green thumb or brown?  Master gardener or someone who has never put a seed in the ground?  Maybe you have never grown from seed but instead, pick up small plants from the home improvement store and enjoy them in the pot.  

I consider myself a bit of it all.  Sometimes my plants grow well, other times not.  I have grown from seed, but also enjoy seedlings and small plants from the home improvement store.  So I am a garden dabbler but hope to improve upon that year after year.

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My Bookshelf

📚 Ever walk into someone’s home, see a bookshelf full of books and want to go over and explore what they have, but feel awkward doing so? I am always curious about what others like to read. I love sitting down with someone and discussing a favorite book. Sometimes, it will surprise you.

So, take a peek at my personal bookshelf. I have included a quick review of each book and why it has remained on my bookshelf.

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🗃️ Who needs a good decluttering in some part of their home? 🙋‍♀️

I am the owner of Everyday Organizing, a company that specialized in helping the average person declutter and organize their homes. 

I worked with all types of clients. Some only needed help with a closet or two, and some clients had hoarding tendencies.  And yes, I did once have a client that after only a few hours  I realized that I was in over my head … literally!

That is NOT what this organizing section is about.  Although I am no longer excepting clients, I still enjoy helping the Everyday person declutter and organize their homes.