Cleaning Out that Kitchen Junk Drawer

"Kitchen Junk Drawer Before-After |"

Junk drawers … most of us have at least one.  I have usually had a kitchen “junk drawer” with odds and ends that I SWEAR I will keep organized, with only the essentials that are needed.  Yeah, well …

"Kitchen Junk Drawer 01 |"

I am not the sole person responsible for the junk, I assure you.  Other family members tend to use this drawer as a “shove-all” space.   I tend to use it as a “current project” space. 

If we are doing a repair on the sink, reversed osmosis spout (which seems to need constant repair in my household) or some similar project, I tend to keep the tools, caulk, adhesive, putty knife, cutting blade, etc. handy, and in that drawer.  But then, it stays, long after the project is complete.  Guilty!

I am famous for saying, “Well, it is contained for the moment.”  That is another way of saying that it is out of the way and not “screaming” for my attention, so I will handle it later.  But when that later turns into much later, and the drawer can barely close, later will not work any longer. 

So, a quick clean-out was needed today.

"Kitchen Junk Drawer 01 |"

First, for the confession of how bad it looked.  Here is the messy drawer.

"Kitchen Junk Drawer 02 |"

Next step was to dump the drawer out onto the breakfast nook table.

"Kitchen Junk Drawer 03 |"

Then, clean and wipe out drawer, complete with a new bay leaf. 

Yes, I always place a bay leaf in all kitchen drawers and cabinets.  I read that it keeps certain yucky bugs away.  I don’t have a problem with those particular bugs, but the bay leaves (changed out several times a year), will remain to keep them away.

"Kitchen Junk Drawer 04 |"

Empty sorting containers placed throughout the drawer. I know, they don’t match … that’s ok. I used what I had on hand.

Once the empty sorting containers were placed in the drawer, I took each item off the table and decided if it needed to be kept and then if it needed to remain in the drawer or be put away elsewhere.  Many items were simply thrown away.

"Kitchen Junk Drawer 06 |"

All sorted and happy. 🙂

And the breakfast nook table is all cleaned off as well.

"Kitchen Junk Drawer 05 |"

As for the wishbone that had been in that drawer for who knows how long, my youngest son and I each took an end, made a wish and pulled the wishbone. We each got a section and the middle broke off and fell on the floor. So … who gets their wish???

I got a clean drawer. My wish has been granted! 🙂

Have you checked your “junk drawer” lately?

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