Cheesy Chorizo Breakfast Bake – Recipe Review from Kendra D. Holley’s Craveable Keto Cookbook

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We recently tried a recipe from Kendra D. Holley’s  Craveable Keto Cookbook, pg. 102-103

6 servings
5 g net carbs per serving

I followed the recipe as written, but substituted the baby bella mushrooms for the cremini, as I had the bella on hand.

Liked: Super easy to understand and follow Kendra’s recipe.  Simple ingredients.

Disliked: Nothing about this recipe warranted a dislike. 

Overall Results: Super easy to follow and prepare.  Baked well and tasted great!  Would serve plain or with toppings, sour cream, chives, etc.

Changes I will make:  We feel that 4 servings are more appropriate for this recipe, although that does increase the per-serving carb count.

Review from Hubby and youngest son:

Son: Liked it, would choose it again for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
           Texture is good.
           Spiciness is good. 
           He likes spicy foods and would always choose to increase the spiciness.
Would eat with or without toppings.

Felt it was quiche like. (he likes quiche)
           Liked it and would choose it again for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
           Spicy, heat was mild to medium.
           Would eat with or without toppings but would prefer with sour cream.

Preparation Pictures:

"ChorizoBakeReview |"

Review of the cookbook Craveable Keto:  I have enjoyed following Kendra’s journey, and have tried many of her recipes.  I was excited to get this book.  Unlike some of her very early recipes, these use clean ingredients and the book is a keeper.  I look forward to trying more of the recipes from this book.

Disclaimer: I purchased Craveable Keto on my own, paying full Amazon price. I was not asked to review this recipe, or the book itself.  I have no personal affiliations with Kendra or any of her books.

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