Whisps Snacks – A new Favorite!

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I recently found a new favorite snack … Whisps.  Such a wonderful little crunch, that fits perfectly into my low carb/keto lifestyle.  The multipack arrived today, so three of us in the household decided to find out which variety was our favorite. Continue reading “Whisps Snacks – A new Favorite!”

The Day We Met Johnny Depp … sort of

It was a warm day back in October of 2007, my birthday in fact.  My Hubby, daughter with her friend, youngest son, and I, all took a trip to Washington, DC. A new attraction had opened, and we had discount tickets for that day only.

As usual when we visit D.C, we parked just inside the Beltway and took the Metro into the city.  If you have never visited D.C before, I recommend taking at least a full day to walk about and explore.  Wear comfortable walking shoes as the Metro is the best way to get around. Continue reading “The Day We Met Johnny Depp … sort of”

Dear Mr. Spider …

While I sat innocently at my desk, working and taking care of business needs, you felt it was acceptable to drop down from a web. Not in the corner of my office, where you MAY have remained safe for the evening. Not behind me, where you MIGHT have remained unnoticed, as I was quite immersed in my work. But instead, you drop down in FRONT of me and touch my face; my nose specifically.

That horrible noise that alerted all of my neighbors that I had indeed stopped working and something “horrific” had happened, was as you guessed, directly related to your presence. You extended your long slender legs and as I so “gracefully” stood up from my chair and attempted to untangle the “miles of web” that I felt encasing me, you (seemingly without a care in the world) disappeared into either my black desk chair or the dark rug beneath. Continue reading “Dear Mr. Spider …”

Parenting Adult Children … and Beyond

I was thrilled when each of my three children was born.  Each a joy and each with their own set of challenges, while raising them.  No two children are exactly alike and my three are each very different in many ways.  They are all caring, intelligent, and I am proud to be their mom.  But as they have grown into adulthood, I sometimes find it hard to “parent” my adult children. Continue reading “Parenting Adult Children … and Beyond”

Ancestry DNA, Should I, or Shouldn’t I? And Do We Have the Right to Know About Our Ancestors?

DNA testing for genealogy seems to be all the craze now.  Some jump on the bandwagon and take the tests right away, others seem more hesitant.  Is it accurate? How will the results be used?  Is our information really private?  What if I find out something … unexpected?!

All of these same questions went through my mind.  Ultimately though, I did take the test, through Ancestry.  My sisters, father and adult children, took it as well.  And the results?  Well, my dad is my dad, and my sisters are my sisters, my children are my children, no surprises there. 😉 Continue reading “Ancestry DNA, Should I, or Shouldn’t I? And Do We Have the Right to Know About Our Ancestors?”


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