You know the feeling … must have some ice cream, or at least a dessert of some kind.

Either way … it MUST BE CHOCOLATE!

When you are trying to adapt a healthy lifestyle and get rid of the extra pounds that have plagued you for years, what do you do when a choc-attack happens?  You know exactly what I mean!  I did not get to “THAT” weight without a bit too much of the delicious stuff.

I have found a perfect dessert, while still staying within my points.







Yum, yum … only 3 WW points!

Weight Watchers Divine Triple Chocolate Frozen Ice Cream Bar.

I found them at Wal Mart.  After searching around, they seem to have the best price.

Again, only 3 WW Points Plus per bar.  Enjoy!

Favorite Meal Bar

Do you have a favorite meal bar?









I first starting using meal bars while trying the Atkins low carb diet.  Some tasted like cardboard, coated with what they called chocolate.  By the way, the ONLY bars worth having ARE the ones covered in chocolate. 🙂  Hubby likes some of the fruit flavored.  Nope, I like my fruit eaten as just that … fruit.  My meal bars must have chocolate.

Anyway, my favorites are the Atkins Mudslide Bars (affiliate link).  Even though Atkins did not work long term for me and I have decided to embrace the Weight Watchers Lifestyle, each bar is 6 WW Points Plus and I find them very filling.  Perfect if I feel I need to go really easy on a meal, usually because I over did the sodium on a previous one.

Just wanted to share, in case you are looking for a tasty meal replacement bar.

Breakfast Burritos

4 Weight Watcher’s Point Plus per Serving


I’m always looking for a quick breakfast for my hubby.  If it isn’t quick, he will simply swing by for a fast food variety … or donuts and coffee, isn’t that right, Honey? 😉

While there are healthier breakfasts, this one makes his tummy happy and is time saving.  AND the burritos I made today are only 4 Weight Watchers Points Plus each.  Yep, he is following a Weight Watchers Online plan as well and has lost about 50 pounds to date.  Way to go, Baby!


Flatbread Veggie Pizza

1 Serving   9 Weight Watcher’s Point Plus per Serving (pizza)







I have been following Weight Watchers (online) since January, and it has been pretty painless overall.  But there are times when I crave something that may not be the best food for my plan.  As for pizza, I don’t crave it very often.  But when I do, deep dish with LOTS of cheese is what I used to have.  Well, a lifestyle change was needed and deep dish is now a thing of the past.  I have found a yummy alternative.

Favorite Exercises

We all know that exercise is a must for healthy living.  Yeah, if I had always lived by that, I would not be obese now.  But, I AM working to change that!  One of my favorite activities to do EVERY DAY, is hop on the Wii Fit.  I don’t really play games on the Wii, but I do love to exercise using it.

I do the following EVERYDAY:

Wii Fit Plus Advanced Step (5 minute segments) for 30 minutes or more.  There is a youtube video someone posted, to show what it looks like.







Free Step for 30 minutes while watching a movie or TV series.

 youtube video showing what the Free Step looks like

The youtube videos are NOT mine, but are linked here to show what the programs look like.
I honestly don’t follow the clicks on the remote to set my step pace, and I always go over the 2400 step goal.  I think it is fun to try to beat the number of steps from the previous day.

My favorite show to watch right now while stepping, is Smallville.  Yep, all 10 seasons 🙂

Smallville DVDs Seasons 1-10

I found this series after it had been released on DVD and the series had ended.  So, I have been able to watch it straight through.  And with 10 seasons, (I am on my second run through) that is A LOT of stepping!  And let’s be honest, a little eye candy never hurts 😉

After the stepping, I alternate what I do next.  Resistance training, light weights, floor exercises and belly dance.

Belly dance workouts are doing wonders.

A couple of my favorites are:
The Goddess Workout










                                                        Dance off Inches Belly Dance



Letting Go

Letting Go of the Ghosts From My Past

Today was weigh-in day.  To be honest, a day I always dread.  Did I do enough this week.  Darn, I ate X yesterday that contains too much salt etc., great – water weight.  All inner dialog I have with myself, upon waking on Sunday mornings.  I did have a small loss this morning.  Good news, since I had none last week.  So easy to beat yourself up when “you have not done enough.”  But what is “enough” and what does that really mean?  For me, it is years of letting go of those ghosts that speak to me. 

“You are going to be just like your mother.”
“You are not losing the -right way-.”
“Just accept that you may always be heavy.”
And the worst one for me … “Since you are heavy and the kids are so small and skinny, do you ever think that people wonder if you are feeding your kids properly?”

These and MANY more have been said to me, numerous times in the past.