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Let's Get Moving Tips www.stephsneckofthewoods.comEveryday tips to get you up and moving!

The ideas below are in no particular order of importance.

Posts about daily movement can be found here.
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#1   Phone calls … a great way to connect and stay in touch with loved ones and friends.  Sometimes I can get a bit chatty, I’ll admit it.  Why not take advantage and grab your cordless or mobile phone and walk?  Do you have a chatty family member or friend?  Grab that phone, get up and walk while you talk.  You’ll be amazed how many steps can accumulate while talking.  (original post)

#2 Hydrate … a strange tip? When we properly hydrate we must also evacuate.  Why not use this opportunity to get in a few extra steps? (original post)

#3 During waking hours, don’t sit for more than an hour.  Get up and move.  Use a time set at one hour.  When the timer goes off, get up and walk. (original post)

#4 Use your hand held device (safely of course) while walking. (original post)

#5 Sing and Dance (original post)

#6 Excuses – Reasons – Motivation … It’s all about the Attitude! (original post)

#7 Tracking (original post)

#8 Simple Things (original post)

#9 Create Routines (original post)

#10 Dealing with Setbacks (original post)

#11 Let’s Get Moving Tip – Gimmicks vs. Tools (original post)



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