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How can we improve our health in one month? With a new healthy habit(s)!  Simply download and print the appropriate file, fill it out with your healthy pledge, sign it and hang in a location such as your refrigerator, office etc., as a reminder of your move toward a healthier lifestyle.

Want some help?  Send me a message to with your healthy pledge (specifying which month).  I will fill out the page and email you a .pdf.

A healthier you is just a month away!  Be sure to share your success!


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February Pledge Page
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Don’t get overwhelmed!  Below are some examples of healthy pledges.  Pick one(or more) and concentrate on it(them) for one month.  You will be amazed at the change one month can make!

– Eliminate Sugar/Sugary Snacks and Desserts

– Eliminate Bread/Wheat etc.

– 10,000 steps everyday

– Meditate/Pray/Quiet Contemplation for 15 minutes a Day

– Exercise 1 hour everyday – Walk/Run/Bike/Swim/Dance/Yoga/Class etc.

– Food/Drink Diary – Everything into your mouth, record in the diary

– Read for 1 hour everyday – if already do this daily, pick another healthy habit

– Learn something new – a new language, knit/crochet, play a musical instrument etc.

– A new personal healthy habit – oil pulling/dry brushing/massage/flossing teeth etc.

– Not eating “fast food”.  If you end up at a fast food restaurant with no choice,  choose something grilled, nothing fried.
Keep with the spirit of the pledge.

– Get 7 hours of sleep every night

– Do something selfless for another person, do not accept anything (more than a thank you) in return

– Consciously think about your thoughts and words. Try to give up the stinky thinking

– Touch your bare feet to the earth/take a deep breath and stand in the sun/rain.

– STOP a bad habit that you have – biting your nails/smoking/excess snacking/gossiping etc. Pick one habit that has a
negative impact on your life and/or the life of people you live with.

– Hydrate regularly – 8 glasses a day

– Be thankful! Keep a daily thankful diary, record what you are thankful for each and everyday

– For office/desk workers, don’t sit for more than 1 hour without getting up and walking around … try for at least 5

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