DIY – Gel Air Fresheners

DIY Air Fresheners http://www.stephsneckofthewoods.comHow do you freshen your home?  Room sprays, air freshers? Gels, solid, plug ins, heated oils, sprays, potpourri etc., I’ve used them all!

According to a research study of approx. 24,000 adults, 73.9% of them use air freshener sprays and room deodorizers.

According to the EPA, the 4 most common ingredients in air fresheners are formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, p-dichlorobenzene, and aerosol propellants.  Did you know that the ingredient “fragrance” can represent upwards of 300 chemicals?  And they are not required to list them.  I don’t want my family breathing all of those toxins!

Another Shadowbox Completed

Life in general has been a bit hectic, so there has been little time to work on “fun stuff”.  I HAVE been keeping up with my weekly Project Life book though, so I am please about that.

Below, is the latest completed shadowbox … Imbolc

I plan to post an explanation of the contents and meaning of each box, on the shadowbox page soon.


Shadow Box Corners Completed

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what I want each box to represent.  Some are easy, while others are more obscure and harder to represent.  I’m having fun with this project!
2 more boxes have been completed and are hanging on the wall.  All corners are done. North/South/East/West.

Below is what I chose to do for the North and South.


Shadow Boxes, 2 more completed … but not without a Boo-boo

Last night, I worked more on the shadow boxes while the house was nice and quiet.  2 more completed.
















Gemstones and Minerals

While working with a hot glue gun, care should always be taken.  Meaning … don’t watch TV while using it 😉

I looked up for a moment (in my defense, there was some eye candy on the screen) and one of the stones dropped.  I immediately grabbed for it.  But instead of grabbing just the stone, I grabbed the end with the hot glue.  Yep, it was stuck on me for quite some time.  It is now in the box where it belongs and I was left with  Boo-boo.




Hot Glue Gun Burn



Hot Glue Gun Burn – OUCH!


For the last few days, I have deep in thought over “what I want to do when I grow up”.  I know, sounds strange at my age.  But for so many years, all decisions have been made with the best interest of the kids in mind.  From the type of daycare to put them, or not.  To the type of schooling etc.  And overall their general care and happiness.  In the end, we chose to homeschool the youngest two and that just ended last year.  Yep, with my “baby” graduated and being 18 now, it is time to decided what I want to do.

I have to work, not enough household income without that.  And I would not want to sit around all day anyway.  Now, I am rarely bored, as I always have some type of project going on.  So it is not that I am home sobbing, with nothing to do.

There is ALWAYS stuff to do. We’ll see what the future holds and what I have up my sleeve 😉

Speaking of projects, below are the next two completed shadow boxes for my wall.  Gemstones and fossils.










Fossils and stones







Shadow Boxes – West/Water

Life has been busy.  But I have made some time to work on the shadow boxes.  East/Air is on the wall, looking lonely with all the other boxes, empty ;-)

I had West/Water almost completed when I found out that I had not measured the back correctly.  A beautiful (if I say so myself) mosaic of sea glass and sand was completed. But IT WOULD NOT FIT!  I tried chipping the edges away breaking pieces of glass.  Thought about cutting into the box, but the front was already completed.  And after over a week of glue, add sand, then let dry, next step and so forth of work, I did not want to simply throw it out.

In the end, and after a “few words”, I started again on a new back.  Since most of the sea glass had already been used and it could not be pried off (due to the hot glue, sand etc.)  I had to change my idea for the design.

I am not really happy with the results (I liked the first attempt so much better) and may redo it after the frustration is gone.  We’ll see.

I know that craft projects go wrong all the time and since I am not really a “crafty” person, these types of mistakes are bound to happen.  I just had the other one looking so pretty.

Well, with all that said, below is the completed box representing West/Water.









West/Water – Completed

Shadow Box Project – first one complete

I‘ve continued to work on my wall shadow box project, a little (almost) everyday.  Layer, dry time, (change my mind about some part of it) layer, more dry time.  I have to admit, that although I not a very “crafty” person, I am having fun with this.  🙂

One completed … 24 to go.










East/Air – Completed







West/Water – Working On