Happy New Year!

Goodness, it has been so long since I have posted here.  Do I even have any followers left?

So, what has happened since my last post?  Too much to cover in a short blog post, but 2 main highlights were that 2 of my children got married in 2016.

We welcomed a new daughter-in-law, son-in-law and a new grandson into our family.


My oldest son, his new wife and our new grandson


My daughter and her husband











Faced with the New Year and resolution time, I have come to a realization.  I don’t like resolutions.  They are rarely fulfilled and by mid-year, usually forgotten or excused away.


So this year, I have simply refined some goals and set about making a timeline to achieve those goals.  Long after resolutions are forgotten, I will still be plugging away at my goals.


Reflection: Last year brought joy, some sadness, accomplishments and disappointments.  I did not achieve everything I wanted to.  But that is not a new feeling.  Overall, I did thrive/survive (depending upon which day you asked me) and so I refuse to ever think of it as a wasted year.
I am thankful for each and every day of it!


Evaluation:  So what will be different about this year?  That remains to be seen…


Actions:  I am not taking the same approach to my goal planning as I have in the past.  I am a list maker extraordinaire. I LOVE my lists!  And what I love even more, is checking everything off those lists.  But this year I need more than a plan/lists of what I will accomplish.  I need HELP! (and I am not ashamed to admit that either).

So, one change that I WILL make is that I WILL ASK FOR HELP when needed.  There is no shame in admitting that I am not a Superwoman.  Yes, I have my strengths but I also have my weaknesses.  And that’s OK.

Family: This part of my life is going well, at least with my immediate family. I can’t control what other family members think/do.  I am so thankful that I live close to my adult children.  Close as in driving distance, not next door.  And they want me to be a part of their lives. I am very grateful and feel blessed to have them.

Business: I am pulling away from Organizing as a business.  It has become too physically demanding.  I get pretty emotionally bound to each client as well. This can take its toll when there are “issues” involved. So, I will finish up with the clients I am currently working with, and then probably won’t take on any new ones.

I really love teaching Essential Oil Classes.  I find a certain satisfaction in helping members explore and learn about the proper use of the oils.  I plan to expand on this throughout 2017.

Audiobooks … yes, I have started recording audiobooks and currently have 4 that have been released.  I love it, and plan to do more in 2017!   Check out my current ones Audible and Amazon. (these links perform a keyword search on my first and last name, so you may notice other books in the list that I did not narrate).

Other business plans? I do have a few other plans up my sleeve.  But will keep those under wraps … for now.

Education: I have always loved herbs and plants, which is why I was naturally drawn to a business that involves Essential Oils.  I am continuing my education in the area, taking classes and participating in workshops.  Who knows where that may take me.

This is the area that I feel really needs the most work.  I have gained back much (but not all) of the weight I lost and am concerned with what the future will bring where my health is concerned.  So, what I am going to do about this???  I am a HUGE believer in:


So, what did I do in 2016?  Well … I hired a personal trainer, as I was determined to swallow my pride and get the help I needed.  This was a unique training opportunity in that, she would work with me here at home, sending me workouts and and checking in weekly.  Could that possibly work?  I had hoped it would, but sadly it did not.  The trainer had many personal obligations and in the end, I felt I was chasing her, trying to get workouts sent to me.  Not a good “fit” I guess.  I was frustrated and sad but there is no sense in paying for services I was not getting. So, time to move on and try something else.

I have joined Diet Bet, to have some fun while losing weight. This involved a bit of funds on my part, and I do NOT like to lose money.  So, that is a bit of an incentive in itself.  I don’t lose weight, I lose my money that I have paid into the dietbet.  It is a 6-month transformer challenge with weekly weigh-ins.  Accountability!

Another online group has challenged me/us to achieve at least 10,000 steps every day for the entire year.  I must report in daily, so that will keep me moving!

Low Carb (keto) eating is what makes my body feel well. My inflammation stays under control, helps to control pain and allows me to begin losing weight.  So this is the eating plan I will use. I did not use the word DIET on purpose.  Diet is something you start and stop, go on and off of.  Low Carb eating is a choice and that is what I strive for.  Perfection is not my goal. Moving in the right direction IS.

My100+Journey www.stephsneckofthewoods.com

I have been heavy for so long, but I will never stop trying to achieve my goals and improve my health.

This blog:  I let this blog sit idle last year, doing nothing with it.  But in 2017, it is getting a reboot with many new features coming.  Watch for upcoming announcements!

So … as we move on to 2017, it will be interesting to see what direction the country is headed and what events will happen over the next year.  I wish everyone good health and joy in the coming year!

On to 2017!  My youngest son just posted this on Facebook and I am going to borrow it  … Let us look forward to the future, and always strive to make this year forever better than the last!  Well said, Son!

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