My 100+ Journey – End of Week One

My 100+ Journey – End of Week One
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First of all, I hope everyone is having a fabulous Labor Day!  If possible, spend time with the ones you love and be grateful for the people that bring joy to your life. 

Choose Joy


I saw a video posted on Facebook this week called “Dear Fat People” and had mixed feelings about it. View video here

While I do agree with some of her points, I disagree with her claim that fat shaming is not real.  I, myself have experienced it.  Do I feel that some people use the term “fat shaming” as an excuse/reason for not trying to improve their health?  Sometimes, yes it probably is.  People can bend anything to their will and circumstances.   I don’t agree that obesity should be labeled as a “disease”.  It is a symptom of a much larger issue(s).  It’s only been labeled that way so the pharmaceutical companies can market drugs to treat this “disease”.  They are not in the market to cure anything, as cures don’t bring in profits.  Repeat customers (patients) bring them profits.  I’ll stop right here, as my opinion about the pharmaceutical industry may warrant an entire blog post in itself.  I have very STRONG feelings about the pharmaceutical industry.

Overall we need to have/show compassion for those struggling with health issues, including those issues that cause weight gain. As a morbidly obese person myself, I suspect that most morbidly obese (300+ pound) people are not that way because of health issues, but rather because of emotional issues/trauma. The health issues are usually a direct result of their obesity.  Here is an interesting article about weight/genes/other factors regarding weight gain.

While this video is quite harsh and has language that may offend some, she does have a few good points.  Do I feel obese people should be treated with disrespect?  Of course not!  But individuals of size need to keep in mind that “skinny people” deserve not to have our fat flopped on them either.  They deserve the same respect that we all want.  Positive body image is something I hope we can all attain, no matter our size/shape/color etc.  We need to be respectful of each other!  We all matter and deserve a place on this Earth, and we all need to take responsibility for our health, obese and non-obese alike.  “Skinny” does not necessarily mean healthy.  But morbidly obese ALWAYS means unhealthy.  Our bodies were simply not created to hold that amount of weight and be able to live a long and disease free life. I am not talking about those that carry an extra 20-30 pounds but the truly morbidly obese, like myself. I do feel a certain liberty in speaking this way, being that I am speaking about myself as well.

There are experiences in my life that I have missed out on, because of my size and my insecurities.  That is not the fault of “skinny people” or anyone else (besides myself), for that matter. I do not deny the fact that certain life experiences have negatively impacted my self esteem and confidence; I take responsibility for my life choices and where I have ended up – both the good and the bad.

Those who have mistreated and/or intentionally tried to harm others (you know who you are, although you will probably never read this) will have to deal with your own demons.  I am working to let go of the effect, and it is up to you to work on your reasons why, and deal with that yourself.  I have said it and can now let go of it!

Letting Go Move Forward
This week, Hubby and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary.







We spent the day together and ran errands.  Then ended up grabbing a burger and fries, and enjoyed our time together.  Yes, I did eat the burger and fries, and it was yummy.  My urine test strip showed a ketone level that morning, but that meal quickly stopped that in its tracks.  (What is a ketone level? Read about it here).  The good news – I did not let the one meal throw me off my goal, and got right back on track the next morning.  As of this morning, I am not yet spilling ketones, but hope to see that little strip turn purple in the next couple of days.

Weigh - In Day

For me, weigh-in day is Monday morning.  Why Monday?  Well, by doing my weigh-in after the weekend, it keeps me mindful of what I am consuming throughout the weekend.  Mondays just work best for me.  The total measure of success is not based on the number on the scale, but it feels good to see it going in the right direction.

After Week One

What plan am I using?  No published plan, per say.  I am following a low carb eating plan, which is best for my body, as well as doing the following:

  • Being mindful of processed foods. Even when the label says low carb, that does not necessarily mean healthy.
  • Water, water and more water.  Aside from my NingXia Red, water is all I drink.
  • Using Essential Oils daily. Internally, topically and aromatically.
    (Curious about Essential Oils?  Click here and enter my member number (1876017) to view the presentation)
  • NingXia Red 2x daily with extra Essential Oils added. (Want to learn about NingXia Red?  Click above link to view the presentation)
  • Using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) method to deal with emotional blocks I have struggled with for years. What is EFT?  Read about it here.
  • Working with the book “Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils”.  Get it here (affiliate link)

Why do I have affiliate links?  When you purchase an item through my affiliate link, I may receive a small monetary compensation.  It does not cost you anything extra and helps me with my blogging costs, as well as helping me save for the rowing machine (affiliate link) I want to get.
So thank you!


Check back as I will soon be posting some of my go-to recipes and tips.

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