My 100+ Journey – Day One … What does DAY ONE mean?

My 100+ Journey – Day One … What does DAY ONE mean?

My 100+ Journey - Day One|

To many people, day one of a new life journey might involve following a plan that has been carefully devised.  Preparation has been completed and they are READY to begin!

Well …. I AM READY to begin.  I am … and I’m not.

Very uncharacteristically of me, I have NOT prepared, shopped, prepped food and/or put together a workout schedule, etc.  In fact, the other night I was sitting at my computer working and not feeling well. I had carb overloaded from my food intact that day and my legs and feet were swollen.  It hit me that I HAD to do something and make a change.

I went to bed that evening, tossed and turned and fretted about what a horrible failure I was.  All of that nonsense went on throughout the night.

My 100+ Journey|

The next morning I awoke, used the bathroom of course (as that is a must before weighing in) and got on the scale.  YIKES, I knew it!  I had hit 300 again.  I then grabbed my camera and began documenting the “situation”.  “That’s it, I am starting TODAY”, I thought.  By the time I took care of morning routine and came downstairs to my office, I was feeling less sure.  I had not grocery shopped, I didn’t have a plan.  And there was ice cream in the freezer!

My 100+ Journey|

Sorry about the almost bad language here, but it accurately describes how I felt.

Soon after, Hubby came down and began looking for something to eat.  He found corn dogs in the basement freezer.  I had forgotten they were even there.  CORN DOGS!  Crap … Ok I am eating corn dogs as well.  And after eating them, I felt guilty, horrible from the swelling that was still taking place, and mad at the realization that although I do like them, I don’t LOVE them.
And had no business eating them.

“Hmmmm, maybe I should wait until the bad food is gone from the house and I can properly shop.”

My 100+ Journey|

That evening I felt worse (from more poorly chosen foods) and the swelling was at a level I have never experienced.  Scary actually.  I used some essential oils and sat down to write a blog post.

I had never intended for anyone to see any of the pictures I had taken that morning.  But thinking about Kyndra’s post, inspired me.  If I put it out there, I can’t very well keep putting this journey off.  Yes, I need accountability!  I admit it.  I used to post my Fitbit number every evening on my personal Facebook page.  Once I stopped, I no longer reached 10,000 steps everyday.  Silly I know, but truth is truth. I need to feel as if I am being held accountable.

So today is my DAY ONE.  For no special reason except that I NEED IT, I WANT IT, and I DESERVE IT!  And here I go … ready or not!

I have a basic idea of what I am planning to do, written on the fly in my last blog post.

Today is a quiet day at home for me, so I will organize my thoughts and plan into a more manageable/attainable/accountable schedule to follow.

My 100+ Journey - Daily Tracking|

As for the food. I can’t grocery shop just yet, so I will eat what I have here … that fits into my eating parameters of course.  No corn dogs or ice cream for me!  My body will thank me for it.

My goal will be to get into ketosis after a day or so of clean eating with fruit and veggies.  FOR ME, ketosis is a must to control my hunger and my body seems to like it.  My brain, I need to work on, but that is all part of the journey.

What did I eat for lunch today?

My 100+ Journey|

Chicken is in the oven (to make chicken salad later) and I do need to scrounge around and see what other meals I can put together, until I can go shopping.  So no, on the surface it does not seem like the perfect time to start and no I don’t feel totally prepared.  But I am here and I am proclaiming that I have started my 100+ Journey.

My 100+ Journey - I Can Do This|

Here’s to a fabulous day for all!  We can do this!


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