I have a hidden (not so secret) Secret …

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I have a hidden (OK maybe not hidden, and in fact … very obvious if you have seen me in the last few months) “secret”.  I have gained back much of the weight I lost … again!  Yes, like so many other people on this horrible roller coaster, I am back up to 300 pounds.  Now before I am sanctioned by the blog police for being redundant with my words, let me explain.

While recently reading a blog post, I realized that I am not alone.  Of course I am not alone!  Many people have done the exact same thing.  Lost and gained and lost and gained, losing good health, motivation and confidence along the way.  Thanks Kyndra for being so open and for inspiring so many people, by sharing your journey.  You have definitely inspired me to be open about my struggles and begin again.

My daughter is getting married toward the end of next year.  The thought of buying a dress, in my current size, makes me cringe. OK cringe is not the correct word. PANIC is closer to the way I feel.  And the thought of her starting a family and me maybe not being around to see those babies grow, brings tears to my eyes.  And all because I have not taken control and “taken care of business”, where my health is concerned.

Kyndra (from the blog post recently mentioned), you are doing GREAT on your 100 pound journey.  I am with you! (OK I have more than 100 pounds to lose, but I am still with you).  So this is my 100+ pound journey to lose the weight and gain control over my body, mind and spirit.

Want to join me?  Do you have a bit (or a lot) of weight to lose?  More importantly, do you have emotional factors to tackle, conquer and overcome?  Don’t we all?!

I am no expert in this area but know what has worked, for my body, in the past.  I am pulling from many resources, as I don’t feel the need to reinvent the wheel.  But I will always credit what I am using and where I found it.


This is so hard for me to post online, showing my weight progression over the years.


My Food Plan: My body functions best when I eat lower carb and stay away from most processed foods.  Inflammation is not an issue WHEN I eat this way.  Menu planning, precooking and planned shopping.

My Emotional Plan:  I carry a lot of “crap” from my past, that I am convinced has a large impact on my efforts to keep control of my weight and health.  To help with this, I am working with “Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils” book by Caroline L. Mein, D.C

I am also fascinated by EFT.  This is something I will be exploring as well.

My Support Tools:  I have been using Essential Oils for many years. But have only discovered the true potential of these fabulous oils, since becoming a member of Young Living Essential Oils.  (my member link) Oils are a part of my daily life and it only makes sense to use them along my journey.

Have you heard of Oola?  If not check it out.  Great book, (affiliate link) great program and now Young Living has partnered with them.  So now we have oils to compliment the system.  Win, win!

I use meditation for many things and find great peace in it.  Brain sync is one of my favorite resources for a variety of guided meditations.

Movement:  Daily movement is a must!  I track my steps with a Fitbit One. (affiliate link)

Exercise: Of course walking and basic movement is exercise, but I know that I need to do more than that to achieve my goals.  Daily goals will be posted on my office wall and tracked.

Tracking:  Tracking is an important way to keep me accountable.  This has always been true for me in many areas of my life.  As soon as I stop tracking what goes in my mouth, the mindless eating starts.  How much water am I drinking?  A lot … I think!  But exactly how much is unknown, if I don’t track it.

Clean up my environment: To many this simply means cleaning the “naughty food” out of your fridge and pantry.  To me, this means much more than that.  Having a healthy body means more than just what I put in it.  What I put on it has an effect as well.  How many toxins do we all come in contact with every day?  And do we really think those toxins don’t affect our overall health?  As well as our weight?  It absolutely does.  I will continue to change out products and habits for more healthy alternatives.  And I’ll share what I am doing in this area as well.

We can’t eliminate everything harmful.  But we can definitely make an effort and improve our situations greatly, with easy changes/swaps.

My Accountability:  I will be posting my progress and struggles here, on my blog.

Thanks for sticking with me through my rant and wish me luck/ cheer me on/ send good wishes 🙂

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4 comments on “I have a hidden (not so secret) Secret …

  1. I am a friend of your husbands through the crazy DDO game. It is amazing how friendships can be formed without ever meeting an individual. Anyway, I saw your blog through his facebook page and I am here to tell you…WE CAN DO IT!. I have spent my life losing and gaining. From self administered programs to things like Dr. Bernstein, I’ve done it all. I’ve lost each time and actually with Dr. B got downright svelte; but it never fails before long I am back up to my comfortable zone in the 190’s. You may think that’s not that much; but I am short 5’3″ and it’s a lot of weight to carry. It’s all relative. So I am sending thoughts of “CAN DO” to you today. You have a new follower/believer, Steph!!!!

  2. Yes Carol, WE CAN DO IT!
    Hopefully Hubby and I can come up and visit your beautiful place some day.
    Sending cyber hugs to you 🙂

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