Let’s Get Moving: Tip for Today … Snacking After Meals?

Let's Get Moving Tip for the Day - Brush Your Teeth  http://www.stephsneckofthewoods.com



Let’s get moving tip for today … brush your teeth.  If you have a challenge with snacking, shortly after a meal, try this trick.

I was one of the many people, who found myself snacking shortly, within 30 minutes, after a meal.  Why?  Sometimes boredom, other times the “fullness” of the meal had passed and I felt it was time for something sweet.  Yes, unfortunately the snacks were rarely healthy.  How have I put a stop to this?  I brush my teeth after eating.  I used to chew gum, but my teeth are showing the effects of constant gum chewing.  So brushing seemed like a better alternative.

In my mind, the meal was over, my mouth was clean, and it was time to move on to something else.  Try it, each and every time you eat. This simple trick may work for you as well!

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