DIY – Quick Project for the New Year – Positivity Jar

Positivity Jar


This is the time of year that many people make promises/resolutions.  Here is a quick and easy project with a positive twist to it.

Quart size or equivalent Mason/glass jar
Pretty ribbon or other decorations

That’s it!

Decorate the jar in any manner you wish. I simply used wired ribbon I had left over from a past project.

Each day, write down something positive on a slip of paper, fold and place in the jar.  No stinking thinking with this project.  Find something, everyday to be positive about.  It can be a special event or something as simple as a nice day, when the weather has been cold and grey.  Maybe the children went to bed easily and quickly, a successful workout, or something else that brought you joy.   Next year, at this time, open the jar and read all the positive things that happened throughout the year.

Happy New Year!

Positivity Jar

Positivity Jar






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